Sunday, November 7, 2010

A day out

Yesterday, hung out with Kak Iman and Una<3333 They are amazing people . Jumpa je diaorang, pegi makan dulu at A&W . I love their cheeseburger . While eating we were like "Okay, afterthis bowling, movie or karaoke?" Buntu gila then decide pegi karaoke je . Its the first time for me to karaoke XD Habis karaoke texted Hanif while hunting for my robe for the anual asrama dinner and his birthday present .
Jumpe robe! Haha, I wanted black but white would do . It'd go with my purse and my ballet flats . Dah bayar, hantar Una and Kak Iman at entrance . They had to go home early because Kak Iman's friends are coming to their house . We said our goodbyes and went seperate ways . What happened to me? Kept on texting Hanif and went on searching for his present . Banyaklah bende fikir nak beli sampai taktau nak beli yang mana . Maam and Una, hadiah korang nanti tau, SORRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! But I promise I'll give them before next year .
Ran into Kak Wawa and sister Nisha . And then, met Kak Lala and Kak Anis adik Kak Nawal . Dah maghrib baru balik . My feet hurt so badly I was walking like an old granny . Sampai rumah masuk bilik . Mandi, test jubah, baca buku TSGS, tidur .

The End

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