Friday, November 19, 2010

Muhammad Hanif bin Jamil

Muhammad Hanif b Jamil
 I don't have much to say but he was born on the 17th November 1995 . Had faced PMR well this year at SMK Sg Pusu . A generous and caring person and most important a great friend . He was always there as a loyal listerner . We share secrets with eachother and make fun of ourselves sometimes . Hes a warior fighting in the battle of life that wages on . He is too cute for any girl :) Helping friends finding their way is what he does best . He deserves a great future and a wonderful circle of family and friends . I never thought I'd be close to him actually but I hope we'd be friends forever . He was like my advicer . My health, my problems, my life . Maam, Una and him knows everything . This little guy, has a good heart and I respect that his honest with me . He's been on a rough road . But I know, he can make it through because he's strong and he never knows the meaning of giving up like I do . He reminded me so much of my guy bestfriends . Daniell, Adam, Nabil, Sunil, Amril, Syahmi, Faris and him . Gentlemens of mine who I love . I hope we get along well on this road to the end dude and not let that luck thing happens .

Sincerely, Aina :D

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