Saturday, March 19, 2011

So don't you cry your heart out

I woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare . That fight I had with EF grew worse . It was like World War 3 . I  couldn't, I knew I couldn't win because I wanted to lose . Its messing with my mind . I checked my phone, its nearly 4 in the morning, Friday . Rang Zahar, he picked up on the second ring

A : Dude, its time
Z : We got company
A : Who?
Z : Your number one die hard fan
A : ughhh great -.- what's he up to
Z : You're gonna like it
A : What did you guys planned -.-
Z : You'll see, later *hung up*

I got out of bed and washed my face . Put on my jacket and my shawl . Brought along my phone and off I went for the door . Met Zahar at the pool, alone . Okay, maybe our company is gonna be late . I requested Zahar to bring his guitar and asked wether he knew some of the songs I listed down for him . Great, he knew each of them . Then Elias came smiling and excited

A : What happened to you?
E : Oh nothing, just dah lama tak turun lepak with you guys
A : Weyhhhhhhhh, are you mocking me?
E : I am *grins*
A : You got a lot to learn
E : learn what?
A : How to respect a girl -.-
E : I'm smart enough to get 10 girls in one time
A : Jyeah right like you're so cool they would just come running to you *grins*
E : I got the swag?
A : Nothing is special if you swag
Z : Stop it both of you little kids
A : What did you just call me?
Z : LITTLE kid
A : love ya maynn
Z : *lookin puzzled*

We started with the song Candles by Hey Monday then Ride for You from Danity Kane . The next song was Don't Cry Your Heart Out by Cody Simpson . Well Elias sang it alone . That song was sweet and I'm addicted to it now . But I'm not okay with the fact that Elias was singing it . 

I'm back to put the sunshine in your mind
Cause I don't like the way hes got you raining all the time
Put away your troubles by leaving him behind
So every time you look up clear blue sky
But here he comes again like a cloud in your view,
Blocking all of your light like only he could do 
Don't listen to his sorries girl, DROP HIM. DROP HIM.

He really needs to stop it cause I'm your only topic now

Look at the lyrics . He didn't know that me and EF were okay now . Heh, biarlah xD After Elias finished his song . Zahar strummed the chords to the song More Than Words . I yawned a lot and my eyes were getting heavy . I gave up and bid goodbye to them . Before I went upstairs, they told me that Mimi is coming home on Saturday . Zahar told me to meet up again on sunday morning . Later bloggies :D

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