Saturday, March 12, 2011


Okay, boredom strikes . Facebook is now old xD hahahahhaha . Bored, bored, bored and suddenly decided to check my friend requests . Theres this guy named Cakra Putra . I was really familiar with his face . Somehow, I can't recall anything . Then, I found out it was a friend of mine . Then I immideately posted on his wall saying >>
Endin xD Hambali xD Haa, sorry . Blame Ehsan for giving you names xD hahahahahahaha . Oh Gosh, its been a year not seeing your face kan? We don't meet up anymore since Teacher Rosmonaliza found us all a replacement -_____________-' . How are you? I never heard any news from you for a long time! Are you still dancing? I miss bullying you! xD

Now its your turn MEF . Where are you? I miss you grandpa! Ibu! Nak phone! Eh, how was that competition you signed up for? I'm hoping you're okay :')

Sorry I stole your picture Danial, HEE :D
Coool guitarist xD

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