Monday, March 14, 2011

Till I see you again

In the middle of the night, I logged in to my Facebook account . Farid is online . Ha yeay! I miss him! We talked untill 2 a.m.! Its been a long time since we talked for hours . Then, Kal onlined . We made a deal to pull a prank on my sister xD Unfortunately, he couldn't keep his eyes wide open so, he took his beauty sleep . Suddenly, Formspring popped in my mind . Okay, whoa, how long have I ignored my Formspring? Then

Fafa, Ingad I x ?

I ray ben u :D

Seriously, I was like "Who the hell is this guy who thinks he's my Ray Ben" . And its not like people call me Fafa anymore . I was feeling kinda annoyed . That feeling faded away when that anonymous person sent another question

Ingad lelaki nama ADIB, RAY BEN u ?

Okay! I remember you! I couldn't recall anything about you Ren! Sorry for not letting you know that I've been using a new number . Congragulations on your PMR results . Say hey to Aiman would you? Long time no see my friend :D What good memories . Checked my phone, theres a text from Maam . Dude, sorry I didn't reply, my phone was in the room silently charging . And I didn;t reply cause I know you're probably sleeping right now . Mamu! Thank you so much :) I read some of your posts, I really appreciate that . Wednesday, here we come!

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