Friday, March 11, 2011

The beginning of an adventure

Yay, home at last! Yesterday, macam biasa, memekak dalam dorm xD I was like "Yay, balik! Ahha xD" Form 3 and Form 5 semua like "yelah yelah, apa nasib kita ni :'( mentang mentang PMR/SPM" Hahahaha . I already packed up half of my stuff, satisfied . At school, normal routine . But Maam went home earlier than what I expected -.- Homework? Don't mention it . The best homework ever>> Write 3 essays on significant things that happened to you during the holidays . I'm gonna enjoy this

Yesterday balik awal :D Kenapa? Sebab nak ikut Ibu hantar Atok dengan Tok Mak pergi Subang Airport :D In the car, I told mom everything . Oh gosh, I swear I feel so relieved . But I didn't tell her how much I missed her because it was the first time ever I cried because I missed my mom at boarding school . I was loaded with pressure and frustration . We laughed a lot xD Mom would remind what my late Pakngah would do if someone spoke in broken english . He's a clown! It must be great if I still have him right now

Stopped at Atok and Tok Mak's house and switched cars then off we went to Subang Airport . I slept half-way . What can I say? I've been staying up so late for the whole week dealing with homeworks . When we arrived at the Subang Airport, me and Kaklong were like "Starbucks!" Hahahahhaha . Helped Atok and Tok Mak with their bags and went window shopping . Bought Donuts, no mocha, no reload -.- Oh kay finee . Then balik . Phone dekat Ibu :'(

Salman! Jom keluar? I wanna see you again! Erza, sorry sorry . Sorry dah lama tak call you . I busy sangat . Right now my phone's with Mom, now what? I miss you sooooooooooo much I got a lot to spill . Thats it, byeeeeee

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