Saturday, March 19, 2011

Continueing my journey

Good Afternoon guys . I haven't slept yet -.- LOL And its Sunday! Homework day! Going back to boarding school day! Yeay, greaaaaat . Yesterday I bought the new House of Night novel series Awakened . Its finally out! I grabbed the first copy and the only copy I saw at MPH Bookstore at Klang's Jusco . The book was in my hands and I said to myself I wanna share, give it to you Kak Faqihah It was because of her I started getting into reading novels . It all started when she borrowed me her House of Night novel series Hunted . I miss you a lot Kak

Then, helped mom out for her client's wedding . Major tiring, arrived home at around midnight . Kak Leya, I miss you honey! Texted Maam then my phone died -.- I immideately charged it . I stayed up reading Awakened in the dark . Dad would kill me if he found out . Dad doesn't like anyone reading in the dark because we'll end up wearing spectacles . I want one, Ray Ben xD My phone blew up and its telling me to go downstairs . I got ready and brought along my book . Put on my cardigan and shawl and off I dashed for the door

Mimi! How long have you been away? Miss you babe! Thanks for the new watch . Suddenly Elias asked about the watch he gave me . I told him what happened in class when I suddenly realized my watch broke into pieces . Its still finee to wear but without the glass . Sorry man, it was an accident . We talked, took pictures with Zahar's DSLR and fooled around till dawn . I'm sooo gonna miss you guys . I went home and started on my essay about significant things that happened to me during the holidays . I think I could write more than 3 essays! Looky here, this could be an essay too xD

And now, I'm packing up, getting ready to leave home . Waiting for the clock to strike 5 in the evening . Its gonna be April soon and I got 3 more months to think about staying or leaving . I don't know, is it better if I leave for SMK (P) Jalan Ipoh or just ignore the U-turn signs and go on? Prince Charming, I miss you . I love you . A lot has been happening the past few days . Don't worry, I'm smiling :)

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