Saturday, March 26, 2011

Up and down, here we go

Outing . Menyesal gilaa outing hari ni . 

Get over it =.= Okay, I'm tired :| I forgot when, but Una said Pn. Noriza Yar wanted to see me . Both of us went upstairs to the library . Oh, Welcome to the school's Persatuan Pantun . The competition is around the corner . What the heck? I can make one but it takes a month or so for me to finish something like this . And then auditions for the school's debate team and public speaking . What am I going to write about? Gosh, everything went blank in my head . I want this so badly I think its too much . The best part is, I can't participate in all 3 of them . But, just one of them . Oh greaaaaat . Now what?

I'm tired :\ I'm tired -.-' I'm tired :|

Can someone replace me? With Badar and silat . Oh Gosh Aina, stop complaining . At one moment it was exactly what you want . Oh yeah . I've been writing, weird poems . I'm worn out with everything . Mom, could you just yank me out of this place? But I can't leave but I have to . Everything's mixed up and its messing with my mind . Damn it, wish I could freeze time
Okay, time to go back with everything undone and empty handed . With The All- Mighty's will, everything will turn out fine . Atleast thats what I'm hoping for . YAY get me out of here

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