Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wednesday, 16th March 2011

OMG Dah lama tak onlinee . Hahahahhahaha . Okay, today I'm gonna recall the memory of what happened on Wednesday, 16th March 2011 . Me, Salman and Hanif explored KLCC . What a boring place xD Dahlah takada bowling center :(

Kelam kabut gilaa pagi tu . Event with Mom cancelled so, decided to join them at KLCC . They watched the first movie without me *Siapa suruh lambat lagii* Elias and Jo was there the whole time . Is it him or its the wrong day I went out? Whatever . I made my way to Kinokuniya and checked out some novels . Awakened isn't out yet and I don't think they have a copy of The Diary of Anne Frank .  No, don't think so . Met Salman and Hanif infront of the cinema . Okay, I'm the only girl, again, huh -.- We went to Nando's for lunch . Actually, I felt a little awkward and embarrassed with you guys . Heck I don't know why and sorry . Bought myself pizza :) Makan makan makan, rushed ourselves to the cinema to watch Mars Needs Mom . I heart that movie, eventhough its kinda hillarious that I laughed at the part where I'm supposed to shed a tear xD

The movie ended with a happy ending . Solat, pergi surau :) Called Prince Charming, not okay :( Suddenly "buat ap ha kt klcc" Kimi lagii -.- Penyibuk xD Hari tu pergi WWM, kau nampak aku . Not again -.- Caught a glimpse of him as soon as he was on his way out of the toilet and I ran for my life! LOL . Hit Starbucks and bought Dark Mocha . Abe, I want mine from you! HEEE :D After that awkward moment, I was getting comfortable with it . We talked a lot . Well, me and Salman certaintly weren't satisfied with Hanif, the easy life xD Hahahahahaha . Salman was complaining about his new school, chill man, thats boarding school and you gotta get use to it . Me? I don't remember much xD

After that, we went upstairs to Kinokuniya . I don't know why Salman and Hanif bursted in laughs, so I went in . I saw the book Wish . Heh, found you buddy ;) Then, I was attracted with those colourful pens . Paid for the stuffs and out we were . Zakwan Zakidin was there . He was right behing me when we were on the escalator . I don't want him to see me so I quickly ran up to Salman and Hanif . Safe :) Hanif wanted a bag, so we checked out Everlast, Converse, Romp, what else? I don't remember . Gave up, no bag :P Hahahahhahahaha . We said our goodbyes and went separate ways . Walking alone in a big mall once again, found Elias and Jo

Met a guy with curly hair wearing pink xD Okay, whats his name Aina? come on! Okay, it was Airaz with a hair cut . he didn't notice me . We went to Times Square together . Shopped like crazy man! Went back to KLCC and had Auntie Anne's pretzels . Jo said they were gonna be there until night . Oh, kay . So I bid farewell to them and went outside and waited for Mom and Dad . Oh, there they are . Last stop, HOME

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