Saturday, January 1, 2011


Since its the first day of 2011, everyone dah buat azam baru . Me? Errrrrrr, naaaaaaaaaaaaantilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa xD Malam tadi tak boleh nak tidur . Sorry Erza :'( I can't sleep because of my coughing . Okay shit -.-' Aku tak ada mood -.-' Why? Entah -.-' But I think its because of the fact I'm going straight to hell tomorrow . I'm gonna look effing weird dengan tudung labuh PARAS SIKU and those nerdy black shoes -.-' Oh Mayyyn, why is this happening to me . Chill Aina, pejam celik pejam celik dah 6 bulan! You're free from jail! In my dreams -.-'

I knew it, I knew that at beginning of 2011 I won't feel the happiness like everyone does . Its normal to me . If I'm happy, oh, thats weird =.=' I got like just two more days to talk to Erza and then I'm off to that boarding school hell . Surely I'm gonna miss him soo much . I regret staying . I shouldn't change my mind and just leave . But the way Maam and Irdina reacted got the best of me . And now, fcuk asdfghjkl . I wanna get out of that school!

Tomorrow morning would be the last time I see Mimi, Elias and Zahar . Faris? Hmmm, still no news about him . School is starting and he is still sleeping in a coma . Wan is leaving T.T Dude, take me with you man! I don't wanna stay here! Tomorrow last day lepak dekat rumah . Guess its farewell to my phone too . Tadi dah pecahkan pinggan ibu lagi . Sorry mom, I just don't wanna stay . Oh Gosh, I'm in tears again

I just don't wanna set my foot at SMK Sg Pusu . Seriously, can someone come and stab me to death . And since I'm staying, I'm gonna pretend . Yeah, pretend I'm so happy seeing you guys again . And I'm gonna look like a fool because my atitude is totally the opposite of what I'm gonna look like wearing those nerdy shoes and those hell damn tudung labuh PARAS SIKU . I'm a form 2 . Here come the pressure on PMR . Haters? I don't care about you anymore, its my life, go get yourself one too and mess with it and stop bothering mine . Erza Fachreza! You dah form 5, SPM! Goodluck honey . I'm gonna miss you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! I'm just gonna pray and hope that the first 6 months here at hell would make me comfortable

Goodluck Aina

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