Friday, January 28, 2011

When You're Gone

Faris, I couldn't force myself to hold back my tears . Let it rain . It was too much . You left . I lost you . I blamed myself . I should've noticed all the signs . But I was careless . I was really just so confident that you're never gonna leave my side . But you did . And you're never coming home again . And I'd be waiting at the door to welcome you back . Then I'll give up, you're never gonna come back with your green cap and the smile on your face that I use to see

I miss you so badly dear friend . I woke up this morning at 4.23 a.m . I cried . Because you're not gonna be with us hanging out every dead morning anymore . And now Zahar is taking over . As if he's replacing you . Can he really replace you? No, I don't think so . He doesn't like literature like we do . He doesn't eat dark chocolate like we do . He don't wanna learn the piano, the guitar and the drums like we do

I'm gonna stop everything . I'm gonna stop touching the DSLR . I lost the greatest mentor ever . Somehow, I can't get back on track without you guiding me . And the best part is, I only want you to be my mentor, no other . Now I'm alone . Everyday, I remember you . Sometimes I even catch a glimpse of you waving back at me, smiling . I miss the old days with you . Its never the same . Its like I'm writing without a pencil . Its like the storms without thunders . Am I improving? YEah, I'm writing a lot now Faris, I wish to show it to you . Unfortunately, time gave me the red light

Faris, you know you achieved straight A's for your PMR! You know your parents just bought a classic piano for you! You know I'm waiting to see, laugh, talk, fight, scream and get all goofy with you again! False hopes . Crushed dreams . Lost a friend . I wish I knew it was time that you're packing up and leaving me with tears . I shouldn't have gone to the hostel . If I didn't, I would've been there by your side . I can't show your picture . Its against our group rules . FASZE lost an "F" . Everything reminds me of you

You're the best I've ever had my dear friend
Cheers to the glorious memories we had
With love
The girl crying in the pouring rain :)

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