Sunday, January 30, 2011

Too little too late

I'm still wondering, how did Faris got into a coma? What happened to him? Why was he so busy lately? No one is telling me the truth . Please tell me? Maybe I could get much more calm if I know how this happened . What was he doing riding his motorcycle in the middle of the night? Where was he heading to? And for what?

A : Zahar
Z : Yup
A : Macam mana Faris boleh accident?
Z : *speechless*
A : Zahar?
Z : *no response*

*Mimi broke the ice*
S : Do you want the last piece Aina?
A : Nah, I'm full
Z : Bak kasi aku!
A : Zahar
Z : What?
A : You still didn't answer my question =.....=
Z : What were we talking about?
A : Oh tadek ape T___T
S : Webcam jom you guys

Why won't Zahar tell me the story? Why was Zahar out of words? Why did Mimi changed the topic? What are they hiding from me? Why aren't they telling me? I can't help myself knowing the real story . I'm hoping for an answer from you guys

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