Friday, January 28, 2011


Remember the poem "I wonder" ? Yeah . Teacher Aisyah suruh 2 Bestari buat our version of "I wonder" . So this was mine

I Wonder
Aina Farihah

I wonder why I love to eat
Somehow I won't even get big

I wonder why I'm a lazy girl
Whne I'm diligent in dancing, my skirt twirls

I wonder why they're jealous of me
Maybe because of my awesome peeps :D

I wonder why people stab my back
When I'm trying to be me, and thats a fact

I wonder why people keep telling lies
Do they know there are blessings in disguise?

I wonder why I think I'm ready to face the music
When I'm hiding in the closet, like a 3 y/o kid

I wonder what I'll ask Allah the next time I pray
Hey, I'm stronger now, come what may

I wonder can I trust all these faces
I decided to Look at Life Through Rose Tinted Glasses

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