Saturday, January 1, 2011


I'm home alone all day . Awesomeee xD But effing lame and boring except when Mimi hung out at my place . Well that evening, as usual, got down to the pool and met Zahar, Mimi and Eliot . Online through Mimi's laptop, talk talk talk, off home with Mimi . We did nothing but just snap more pictures through web cam and Mimi's Canon . We went crazy, the music was loud xD Then Mimi ordered pizza . Tunggu lama and finally it arrived . After makan, lepak jap and Mimi went home

I'm not happy today except when Mimi was here because that took me off everything that was on my damn mind . Gosh, what happened to you Aina Farihah Bt Mohd Tarmizee! Seriously I'm sooo pissed off, huh -.- Its almost midnight right now and I'm still home alone . My family is now stuck somewhere at Shah Alam because the car broke down . And I gotta iron my sister's clothes for her again -.- Dude, you owe me a lot, like hell of a lot

I gotta wake up early tomorrow for the effing hell registration . I'm forcing myself . Stop it Aina, you know you don't like to force yourself and you hate to be forced, so stop it . I can't! Everything is happening soooo fast . Soon enough, I've finished my studies . Then I got a job and got married . Then I'll have kids . Then I'll have granchildrens . Then I'll die :\ Awkward . I don't think I have the oppurtunity to face SPM or even PMR . Guys, Doomsday is near . Thats why you gotta live like theres no tomorrow . Eihh, I'm sooo not in the mood . It hurts coughing -.- Ughh, byeee =.=

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