Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fool Again

It was time for me to go home . Alhamdulillah! Finally! I'm so excited to get the chance to talk you again! I was really happy . But, at asrama . I keep having weird dreams . I dreamt of a pocong, a fight with a girl I don't know who and breaking up with you . Astagfirullah, I hoped so much it wouldn't happen . I couldn't let you go . Balik je, dah tertidur . I couldn't talk to you because I was extremely exhausted . But thank Allah, I got the chance to talk to you last morning . You told me to catch you on tv today at 4 p.m . Oh, there were butterflies in my tummy :D

And then tiba tiba
" Im over with u... Bye... "
What? Thats it? Thats the happy ending? I called you a million times . You wouldn't give me the chance to speak . You refused to listen, even just for awhile . I don't know what happened . I had no clue at all . And the best part was, you wouldn't tell me . Astaghfirullah, What did I do! I tried my best not to have any interest in other guys because I knew I found the best out of all the boys . I hoped we'd be together, forever . I tried my best just to talk to you, and then I had you! And for a moment, you just dumped me . Just like that . With no reason

Thanks for the new, fresh scar, for the broken heart, for the crushed dreams, for the false hopes, for the fiction happiness, and most of all, thank you for making me believe in you . I thought you knew me better . I trusted you like no other . I rejected those other guys because I loved you . I missed you like hell of a lot for 2 weeks . And when I came back, I got this for an answer . You can't imagine how dissapointing it is . My soul shattered . So much for my happy ending . I cried my heart out . I believed you were the only one for the rest of my life . What a false alarm . Hakim and Hanif, sorry lah sebab aku lepas geram aku dekat korang . I just couldn't believe reality

I'm gonna catch you on tivo tomorrow . The last time . I still love you a lot . I just can't let go someone like you . I thought you were with me . But, its just a dream that I'm the only one hoping it'd come true . You changed me, you made me a better person . I was happier than before when you came along . I miss you so much . I hope you won't leave me . Your decision tore my heart into bits . Like a thunder struck me when I'm crying in the pouring rain . I won't be sleeping tonight . I told Zahar to keep me accompany this morning with his guitar . Just note this in your heart, forever yours baby

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