Saturday, January 1, 2011

Getting up

 Tadi try tudung labuh, OMG, I look like an angel xD Its not that bad than I thought it would be . Okay, tak tidur tidur lagi ni . Packing punya pasal -.-' Time nak turun called Erza, he picked up, kantoi tak tidur . Okay he did slept and he just woke up . His parents ajak datang jumpa =.....= I'm not even 14 yet and I'm gonna meet my Prince Charming's parents . Wow xD LOL Okay, talked for awhile and hung up . Jumpa Mimi, Elias and Zahar for the last time . Snapped like a whole lot of pictures and the we said our goodbyes and I went upstairs and continued packing

Okay . I got this . Its time for change . Tired of thingking negative shits . Tired of being depressed . Tired of hurting myself . Tired of being so damn upset . Tired of crying . Tired of drama . Tired of lies . Tired of giving up . I'm gonna try and stop it . I'm gonna be strong . Hell haven't seen the other side of Aina Farihah . Get ready and gear up, your messing with the wrong girl

I don't need your opinion about me . Why did I even care about your thoughts of me -.- Hih, I figured it all out . So haters, you got your own life right? Mess with yours and stop bothering mine . I'm gonna make it to the top . I'm gonaa strive harder . No more being lazy, I gotta work my tail off and nail the exams along with the PMR pressure and the all the other stuffs . Jangan cakap je Aina oi, make sure its not your imagination

Oh Yeah, I feel good

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