Saturday, January 15, 2011


On the way back home, all of the sudden Ibu cakap pasal sukan . Tears started flowing down . Dah 2 tahun aku tak aktif! Its been 2 years! I didn't even get the chance to run! It was awful . I feel so left out! I hope I'm okay now, and really hoping I could run again liek I use to . I don't wanna be shy . I can't keep hiding . I wanna start practising again

And then Aiza cakap dia join pasukan tarian SKSP . I was like "Go Die" Astaghfirullah . Aku dah banyak berubah . I gave up a lot of my talents, what I use to love doing . Aku rasa macam nak tikam tikam Aiza tu! Sejak bila dia tanam minat nak menari jugak! Jangan ingat kau pengganti aku! Kak Amelia! Please call and inform me anything about the audition! I wanna dance again! I don't wanna lose my skills, the thing I do best

Allahuakbar . What happened to me . What weakened me . Astagfirullah

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