Friday, January 28, 2011

Left alone

Why is everybody leaving me?

Yesterday the bell rang . Its the holidays! . Maam instantly came up to me and she was like "Eh, Kak Leya la! Aina, pergilah jumpa dia . Dia dah menangis tu!" I didn't recognize a girl walking pass class 3 Al-Razi . As soon as I catch her watching us I went straight to her . She was crying! And it made me feel to cry too . And I did . I don't wanna let go of our embrace . But I gotta let you go! I can't help crying infront of everyone . It was time . Did Aisyah sent you my kiss? I'm surely gonna miss a person like you Kak Leya!

And then saw Kak Khaleeda . She's leaving too! Actually, I was suppose to hold on to her leg and she'd be dragging me but, infront of everyone? No . In the dorm? Hell yeah . And then saw Kak Zahra, I got another hug from her! Goodluck at MRSM tau! And then, pergi pondok as usual . Oh gosh, Hanif was like "Weyh, aku pindah tau, byee" Rasa macam nak pecahkan muka kau je . Sorry Hanif . And then He passed by . I turned away . I don't wanna see him watching my face with tears

Maam was like "Dia pandang kau la Aina" . Huh, how was I suppose to look at him and like jump up and down and shout "Twins forever Dude!" ? And then as usual me and Maam cpuld never stop talking . Ha yeay :D And then tepat tepat 2.30, off we go to 7Eleven . We got back to school in such a hurry because that Shafiq kid was there . Oh eerie nightmares . And then He came back waving . I laughed, LOL . I wanna wave back but He was with his friends . But I did it! I got up to my feet and like wave hard . Embarrasing =.=

Maam balik, I'm alone . Naik kelas, kemas kemas sikit . Siapa baling cat huh? Korang ni memang menyusahkan betul la . And then I saw Him again . Oh, class dia buat party ke =..= Patut lah balik lambat for the first time . I just walked all over the place . Jalan depan dewan . Why are they staring at me . Oh, thats Him =.= I thought he's already home . Okay, keluar ikut pagar depan and jalan dekat mutiara Gombak . Zairee teman sekejap T.T And then dia balik =.= Nak pergi taman but, nanti Ibu sampai pulak . So I just wandered around like a lost puppy . Pondok tu, is that Him again? I gave up, naik dorm and finished packing

I ran down the stairs . Pergi pondok . When I got there, you're gone . I did it again . I was afraid to see you face to face . I was shy . I regret . I did it again . I think its the last time I'm ever gonna see you . Twin, this is the last goodbyue from me to you . Goodluck at Temerloh, bye

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