Saturday, January 15, 2011

Morning after Dark

Last night memang tak tidur . Yay . I was expecting that . In the middle of the night, I snuck out . My parents were sleeping soundly and I don't think they know I got out of the house . I met up with Zahar as I planned, Syamimi decided to join us . Unfortunately, Syamimi was the first to close her eyes and start dreaming . Onlined at Mimi's laptop again . Zahar brought along his guitar, it was my request

Dia nak phone aku T.T Heh, macam Elias pulak . The best part was, He knew the chords to the song I wanted to sing . He knew the song Goodbye from Kesha . He knew the song More Than Words from Westlife . He knew the song to Someone's Watching Over Me from Hillary Duff . He knew the song The Only Exception from Paramore . He knew the song Innocence from Avril Lavigne . It was great . Mimi then gave up and told Zahar to pass her laptop when we're finished using it . She said she needed her beauty sleep and she left us alone at the pool

We both took a walk then . We talked long and laughed a lot . And we sang a lot . I never thought Zahar could play the guitar . Never expectd that . I told him about the break up . He was like "Kenapa dia taknak bagitau sebab? Boleh pulak dia buat kau macam ni . After all this time kau kejar dia, and then, tiba tiba je announce mengejut" And then a bomb exploded . He told me he was scared to tell me the latest news as I just broke up . I forced him to tell me . Al- Fatihah . And that I knew, Faris is gone . I lost an amazing friend . The one who was there for me . He's in a better place now . Rest in peace my dear friend . I know The All- Mighty has planned to place you in his glorious heaven . So long brother

At around 7 a.m, I said my goodbye to Zahar . I needed to pack as I'm going back to the hostel . And I forgot all about my phone . Dah la silent =.= Baru tadi sedar phone dekat Zahar . Kejap lagi mesti dia dah ada depan pintu rumah . Nak siap, pergi klinik . Harap harap aku tak lelah, aku nak lari! If only this coughing stop

Kenangan Terindah, Samsons
Remember that song? Thats for you E . And for you too Faris
Thanks for the memories