Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blessed be

I'm lucky, kan? I got awesome friends, The most amazing boyfriend and a great family . Thats enough to make me smile . Ya Allah, thank you so much for blessing me with great people in my life . I really really appreaciate that . Please, give me the strength to make a fresh start for 2011 . I hope my grades won't drop again . I hope I could continue dancing . I hope my friends are still there for me . I hope my relationship with Him lasts long . I hope the haters keep on striking revenge on me . I hope I can be stronger and much more patient . I hope I could join the debate team . I hope the school's choir doesn't suck next year . I hope I could balance my time next year . I hope I can't control my emotions and my diet . I hope something good would happen to Faris . I hope next year would be better :)

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