Thursday, December 9, 2010


Kenapa banyak sangat hang out cuti nih? Kasihan diaorang. Semua aku tak tak dapat follow . I'm so freaking jealous when I see pictures of their hang outs or even talk about how fun it was . I'm like the worlds most noxious animal, they keep me in a cage with tempered glass so that I wont escape an attack humans . How many hang outs did i passed? Its too much, I can't remeber . And theres 6 new invites, Ex-sksp's reunion, Wan's, Hanif's, Hakim's, Nabil's and 1000 guitarist's hang out . Ughh -.- If I have my own car and my own driving license, definitely I'm joining . Duit banyak lagi, saja save sebab hang out . Tengok tengok, haram keluar -.-

Forget it, I can only dream! Anyway, I've been talking to a long lost classmate, Hakim . Whoa, I so miss him . I remembered the days when we use to fight a lot and then you got a crush on me . And the day you asked me to reload for you and the day I beat you so hard you fell . I'm so sorry for not being a girl to you guys . Especially to DNA, Sunil and Amril . I was a total boy! But I think things changed now . He's been so caring now and he told me he's not the devil I use to know anymore . And he was so sweet xD He told me to plan for a reunion but I can't . I got much more plans . I really wish to see you guys and be the tomboy who use to hang out with punk guys . Time changed and influenced me . One day, we'll meet again, Promise :)

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