Thursday, December 16, 2010

She is Amazing

Heyyo blogger . I'm gonna write! But I don't know how to start -___________-
Maryam Najwa, This is for you girl!

The first day I met you, my school bag was locked in my class -.- Eihh, tak guna siapa yang kunci tuh . Then you came, "Ha, kiteorang pun susah sebab kiteorang prep dekat sini" Talk talk talk, you walked away . With no eyes spying on us, bukak cermin, pecah masuk kelas, ambil beg, blah! Haha . My first thought of you when I saw you I was like "Whoa, Alim :DDDDDD" . And then Mieya told me that she respected you like a lot . I think she adores, admires you man! And you deserve it
Months went by and we suddenly talked to each other . Mostly about TEEEET, haha . I remembered the day I was on my way to the canteen I guess . We met and you were so happy! At first, I was actually suprised that you liked someone like him -.- But who cares? Love is blind . Then we started to get close and hung out with each other
I really felt lucky to have you . You helped me, a lot . I appreciate that you understand me, and I liked you being all silly and crazy all the time . We would talk till its 5 p.m. or something like that . We share music and life experiences . It was great to have someone like you in my life . You really brightened my day . I don't care what people say about you because I see another side of you, and she was so awesome . I like the fact that you're being honest with me and you simply make things okay . Wow, you got a bright future man!

Dude, when can we meet? Eventhough I can't go out now, we'll meet when the book of 2011 opens . I got something for ya! And I need my ehem back, you understand what I'm tryin to say right? Oh great :D Buddy, I'm gonna make you mine! 
I hope this bond that makes us close will stay forever strong . Love ya kiddo

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