Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Reunion . I have nothing to say because I didn't have much fun actually . It was just us with Cikgu Jamsany . Stuck with Ain Afiqah and Siti Aisyah . Everyone was cool, no awkwardness! Syahmi, 23 tak boleh sebab dah tak free . Sorry, next year je la . I wanted to escape and have fun shopping or bowl or watch a movie . But, no one was free -.- So I thought to visit Faris instead . Maam and Erza tak bagi, I can't go alone . Okay fine . Balik rumah, habiskan dark chocolate, tidur xD And then online, budak cari pasal -.- Eh, Pretty Girls Rock okay *kening kening* The lyrics of the song is soooooooo coool . Thank Allah the three most amazing person responded quick . I love you guys . MEF, I miss you so much . I know you're busy and sorry if I disturbed you or something . Okay, nak makan Ice-creamm since dah tak batuk teruk sangat . Haha, memang mengidam gila T_T

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