Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Journey to the end

Faris, I'm coming :) We're coming . Wait for us buddy

YAY, today visit Faris senyap senyap xD Ibu Abah ada apetah so they won't be home . Ayah Elias hantar lagi :D Happy Birthday Aiza Firzanah = =' I still hate you kiddo . Heh, 2010 is ending . Gotta open a new book for 2011 which is sooooooooo not easy for me . Every new year, everyone is happy . Me? Huh . Not a chance . Tak sukanya batuk = =' Bila nak habis? Nak new year lah = ='

2010 showed me a lot of things, emotions and situations . I'm not the most intelligent girl . The prettiest female or even the star of the show . We all deserve something for our doings and intentions . Victory, be careful . Fame, earn it . Love, care for others . Eventhough we all have standards it doesn't make us different . Treat others like you treat your loved ones . Happiness is a great feeling . Pretending won't bring any good to you . Be amazing in your own special way . Change is good . Sometimes you gotta be a devil . Don't be shy, you'll regret . If you want something, go chase it . Get up and try again . We all have secrest . Miracles happen everyday . Don't believe anything you tell yourself, you are your own worst enemy . Nobody's perfect . Making mistakes is normal, we learn . Failure doesn't mean we're stupid, it means we tried for something . Appreciate every little thing . Allah is always the best

2010 was a ride . A fun ride that tought me so many things, more to life . Appreciate what you have now before its gone . Things doesn't always goes the way you planned it would . Remember, everything comes from The All-Mighty

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