Friday, December 10, 2010


Shit, I feel like crap . I don't know why . I really got nothing in my damn mind . I do but its blank . I feel angry, sad, dissapointed, happy, disturbed, used, misreable, confused and killing myself . This is not what I wanted . Like fcuk, its making me feel freaking awful and just wanna run into a car and die with a smile

To Rezuan, I'm sorry but I don't think I can give my number to anyone anymore . Because theres this retard asshole that keeps calling my damn phone . This stupid anonymous screwed up dumb-assed called for like 9? 10 times? I don't know where he got my number -.- . And I'm sorry for saying taht I didn't have a phone . I can't lie, its so wrong . I don't think you'll be reading this though -.-' But still, I feel guilty for lying to you

And hey buddy, I don't know what is happening to me . I don't know why I cried when you called . I don't know why I cried when you texted me . I don't know why I cried when you apologised . And no I'm not jealous, but I think I'm angry, dissapointed with you? I don't have any idea . This is so awkward . Remember when you asked me did you broke my heart? Well, I guess you did tonight . But I forgive you . And I'm sorry

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