Thursday, December 23, 2010

Eight, Lapan, 8

Okay . Afiqah Rahma, ni feedback untuk that lapan segala lapan apa entah xD Seriously, aku terkejut bagai nak mati tengok nama aku first dalam "8 people to tag" kau . Apa yang membuatkan aku memberi balas maklum? Sebab 8 things I learned this year :) *And aku tak buat ranking, tak suka sebab semua sama number1! :D*

8 Things I passion about
- My amazing boyfriend :DDDDDDDDDDD . I love you baby <333333
- My awesome friends :DDDDDDDDDDDD . The best I've ever had <33333
- Money . I shop like crazy *wink*
- Shoes . My favourite
- Ice-cream and a bunch of chocolates . Can't live without them
- Music . Calms me like a lot
- Photography . Its great :D
- DANCING . Its what I can never stop doing

8 things I say often
- Gempak
- I love you <3333333 . To my dearest Boyfriend and the awesomest friends ever!
- Eihh -__________________-
- I want ice creamm T_T
- Look, go die . LOL, bila malas nak layan macam ni lah xD
- Errr, tak boleh . Ramai sangat mintak benda tahun ni -.-'
- WOISH . entah kenapa entah -.-'
- JOM . Berangan nak keluar xD

8 books I read recently *I don't read a lot, so just accept this*
- Al- Quran
- Buku True Singaporean Ghost Stories
- Mr. Midnight
- Buku Sekolah
- House of Night Novel series
- Textbooks
- News papers . ???????
- *blank

8 songs I could listen over and over again
- Living in your eyes, Hitomi No Jyuunin
- Lifeline, Papa roach
- Pretty Girls Rock, Keri Hilson
- Hey, Mithcel Musso
- Us against the world, Westlife
- Officialy yours, Craig David
- Deuces, Chris Brown
- Superman, Joe Brooks

8 things I learned this year
- Don't stay on the ground when you're crushed into the dirts
- Forever strong
- Cry, and throw away the disillusions
- Friends are forever
- If you get the chance, take it . If it changes your life, let it
- Don't trust everyone
- Everything happens for a reason
- Go take the High Road

8 people to tag

What do you think? Personally, I wanna tag more people but, if its 8, then its 8! Nak tag Kak Mia, Kak Leya dengan Kak Mayamin :'( Dengan Ain and Una :'( Tapi dia mintak 8 :'( Hmm :'( Haha, dah TERtag pulak xD Afiqah, thank you :) Lain kali buat 23 tau? xD Mampos nak list banyak-banyak haha


  1. LOL same as me.I want to tag everyone but it only eight >,< HAHAHA.Banyak sangat 23 tu :P

  2. saya x der ;P
    haha sjer visit :P

  3. comel je! 8 is ong number lowh in chinese~ haha..

  4. Raham : 23 lah best xD
    Aisyah : sebab aku lupaurl blog kau :P sorry :D
    Una : ahaha