Saturday, December 18, 2010

Don't leave

You guys, I have tragic news . Its Faris, he was involved with an accident yesterday . I don't know how it happened because Elias didn't tell me . This news gave me a jolt of shock . Its not good . This is the second accident for this year . He's lying unconcious at the hospital now . Please pray for him?

A : Hello?
E : Aina, me again
A : Oh hey, I
E : I don't know how you're gonna take this news
A : What news? Apa nih?
E : I'm afraid your condition might get much more worse
A : What are you talking about?
E : I'm afraid that you'll cry tongiht and you'll sneak out of the house and like walk around or probably stay up all night because of this and your coughing can get worse and
A : Dude, slow down man . Breathe, and tell me whats the news
E : Its Faris
A : Whats with him?
E : Accident
A : ......... *Hung up*

Tears started to roll down my cheek and hit my bed . I was just about to call him . It was really just too much . After I hung up on Elias, he called again . I ignored . Then he rang me again, I answered, I needed to know how hes doing now . I needed to see him . He needs me

E : Aina, I knew you were going to cry
A : of course man, how am I not suppose to cry, I gotta see him, tonight
E : No, you gotta stay, no going out tonight or tomorrow, rest
A : I don't wanna rest, I need to see him! I need to see him now!
E : I'm not gonna send you there
A : Why not? Faris, why do you do this to me?!
E : Na, be strong, just go to sleep
A : No, how is he now? Is he okay? At the hospital?
E : Ya, at the hospital unconcious, don't worry, he'll be okay
A : Unconcious? *Hung up*

I hung up again, I can't stand it . It was too much pressure in just a day . Elias rang again

E : Na, stay in bed . No walking tonight
A : I need to see him! He needs me!
E : I don't know la na, probably esok Ayah aku nak visit sekali
A : Okay, can you bring a note? And just write down what I'm gonna say? And tell it to him? I'm sure he can hear kan?
E : Jap........................... Okay, ready
A : Faris, please be strong, I need you and i don't want you to go . You're my bestfriend and you cheer me up everyday . I'm sorry for not listening to you yesterday . yeah, I'll rest . I know you can make it through dude, love ya man
E : thats it?
A : tell him that, and if his eyes are open I want you to ask him is there anything he needs to tell me and the others okay? Kau tak buad, aku campak canon kau masuk swimming pool
E : Okay kay, now rest I gtg
A : Remember, nanti aku nak ikut korang tengok dia!
E : Eh, no way . Dah, goodnight
A : eihh, bye -.-

I was just screaming, and crying, and throwing things around . It was too much . My bestfreind is lying unconcious at the hospital, I'm scared if he might go, forever . I can' lose him . I can't lose anyone . Death has been haunting me to long, is he next in line? It couldn't be . Then Syamil texted, He's the first person to know about this . I'm hoping to see your face again Faris, so please don't go and stay strong . And you guys please pray for my bestfriends's mother . Miersya's mom is a H1N1 victim . Please please pray, I don't wanna lose my loved ones, please, not again

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