Friday, December 31, 2010


I don't remember when this happened but Megat's little brother Little Megat read his diary -.-' Welcome to facebook . I was really trying to change the topic and not let him tell me what he read . But, he won so, he blurted out what he read to me, huh . And what did he read?

"It was all about u"

Oh God, your brother was the one who ruined my life . I was just like "Okay, that make no sense" . I was trying so hard not to know what Megat wrote about me . I was pretty shocked actually and I really just can't believe Little Megat . And then he told me Megat just broke up with Kendall and he effing hates her and he's with a new girl . Wow, cepaaaaat gila mamat ni move on =.= And then terus text dia tanya okay ke tak . And then suddenly "I can't find my diary" . That gave me a weird feeling, I think they set me up but, I don't know . Then, we faught -.- Again, aku yang kene blame . Okay, fine, whatever, you know nothing but blaming me again and again -.- I hate you
And then time online facebook add this guy, dia boyfriend Wani . And then, found out dia kawan Amer . Okay, We're still enemies . I rejected him and he started being rude and I instantly hated him -.- I had to end the fight, I felt guilty . I was going through my contacts, oh yes! Number dia still ada . Texted him awhile, he forgot me . Then, I gave him a clue "I rejected you, I adik Alya Farhanah, I Aina Farihah. Tak ingat, nevermind, byee" . Niceeee go Aina -.- Okay, nak new year, berbaik baik lah kan kan O:)
Huh, shoot best :D I'm satisfied but right now, well later, ada lagi -.-' Yeah, we shoot pagi pagi sebab tak ada kereta lalu dekat parking lot xD Gambar Mimi dah siap, Yay . OMG, its 2011 -.- Wow, I'm so effing happy =.= When am I gonna effing stop coughing? Give it a break man, schools starting . Goodnight 

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