Sunday, December 19, 2010

Emergency Room

Tadi pergi hospital lawat Faris, he is still unconcious . I feel so guilty towards him . Masuk je bilik dia, I covered my face with my hands . He was badly injured . Muka dengan kaki kiri kena balut . I can't hold back my tears . The four of us, Me, Mimi, Zahar and Elias talked with him . Eventhough he was unconcious, I'm sure he could hear kan? It was too much . Writing this post makes me cry, again . He was my bestfriend . If only I noticed the signs . He didn't hung out with us now, normally he does a lot . He would be the one calling us to come down and meet up . But now, I can't say anything . I left my Khatamun Nubuwwah for him . He needed it more than I do . The All- Mighty will protect him, I know so . I just hope I could see his face again, I don't want this to be the last goodbye, forever


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