Monday, December 13, 2010


I'm feeling upside down today . Coughing all day long . I'm tired
Mom encourages me to stay, I can tell by the way she talks about moving away . Ahh Shit -.- Taknak aku . That place is hell, no way I'm gonna stay there ever again . The kids are driving me insane, mad . I could commit suicide whenever I want! Its too much . I really can't stand that school . *coughing hard* And I don't want to go to any other boarding school, ever . My family says "Senang masuk Universiti" Shit, I don't care . I don't want it . Its like you guys are making your dreams come true and not mine . *coughing hard*

Yesterday visit Sk Sg pusu . Dari jauh boleh nampak my juniors tengah menggila dalam bilik muzik . I was really wishing to stop by and check on them and talk . Tapi dah nampak Hafizah dengan Fauziah and Cikgu Jamsani . Heh -_____________- cancel la . Ada this guy dalam bilik tarian, entah tak perasan muka siapa . But I though Ehsan T.T Hmm, I don't think so . Syamira? Lagi la -.- Dia keluar . Grr, dalam kereta menangis nangis

I'm crushing my own dreams . People are stopping me . Time made me
I don't care a bit what you think . I wanna dance again . If you hate it, go die . Speaking of go die . Menyampahnya dengan Facebook -.- This guy Ronaldo Kaka *Fake Facebook name -.- Eihh, buduh betul* tibe tibe hantar chat, "awak sangat caantik dan comel la, ble kenal?" Eihh, go die . Malas aku nak layan . Sorry

Irfan, sorry . I don't know bila nak keluar and bila boleh keluar . Maam, I think this time no green light anymore . My mom dah bagi pergi reunion, and I wanna meet 
Syahmi <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
*I Miss you man! Please datang, aku mengharap gila nak jumpa kau*
So, kalau reunion dah pergi, no more hang outs la -.- *cougihng hard* Eihh, nak mati la macam ni . Erza, thanks for the songs, especially Living In Your Eyes . That song made me shed a tear, intro best gila eventhough youtube lembap macam bab1 .

Ayat semua tak betul, macam orang mabuk ke apa -.- I'm done

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